One Day to Feed the World

One of our strategic partners in ministry is Convoy of Hope. In addition to the disaster relief that they are known for, Convoy of Hope feeds over 500,000 children a day! Convoy of Hope has put together a fund-raising initiative that churches can embrace that helps fund their feeding program around the globe. It is called One Day to Feed the World. This initiative works by people donating a one-time gift, equivalent of one day’s pay, as a special offering to help fund the feeding program.

One Day to Feed the World is a campaign that truly transforms lives. When everyone commits to giving one day’s salary, we harness the power of equal sacrifice instead of focusing on equal giving. When you give through Convoy of Hope, poverty and hunger are replaced by hope and love. Your one day salary will provide nutritious food and clean drinking water to kids, families and communities facing poverty and hunger.

On June 4th we will collect an offering for Convoy of Hope and are asking everyone to commit to giving one day’s wages. Together, we can make a huge difference! Your “One Day” transforms their every day!

Learn More Here

Give Here by marking “One Day” in the memo, or bring your offering on June 4th at 9 or 11 AM.


Jun 04 2023