Small Groups

What Are Small Groups?

Small Groups create a place for students to connect with friends from The Exchange and peers from their community,  while also providing the intentionality of discipleship. Small Groups provide a fun atmosphere for students to grow in their relationship with God and each other.

When and Where Do Small Groups Meet?

In an effort to give our students the best Small Group experience possible, we are currently undergoing a major revamp in our Small Group structure. Check back soon for an updated schedule of times and locations, or feel free to call the office with any questions that you may have! 

Jeri  337-234-4308

Junior High Guys

Crossroads Church @ 4:00pm

150 Verona Dr. Lafayette, LA 70507

Daniel Palencia  337-373-1955

Adrien Warner  337-520-9971

Junior High Girls:

Crossroads Church @ 4:00pm

150 Verona Dr. Lafayette, LA 70507

Erin Breaux  337-303-5192

Ambrosia Prince  337-347-0435

High School Girls:

Sarah & Zeke D’Avvy @ 6:00pm

110 Carmen St. Lafayette, LA 70507

Kylie Bruno  337-422-8766

Gracie Petry  337-256-3274

High School Guys:

Stacey & Jason Judice @ 6:00pm

109 Pascalet Place Lafayette, LA 70507

Bradey Levine  337-965-0045

Elijah Evans  337-247-5521

Overflow Host Home:

Sarah & Jared Moore’s @ 6:00pm

3513 W. Gloria Switch Church Point, LA 70525


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