Christmas Auditions

On September 2, we will be holding auditions for The Real Story of Christmas – Crossroads’ original broadway-style Christmas production!

If you are 15 years of age or older . . . and love to act, sing or dance . . .  we would love for you to audition. We also have positions available for stage production crew as well – for those that would rather stay behind the scenes. We hope to see you there!


Santa and Mrs. Claus know that no one can resist a well told story, especially at Christmas time. The best Christmas stories enchant listeners of all ages. They spark the creative imaginations of little ones and warm the cold, weathered hearts of the old with memories and nostalgia.

The audience travels to the North Pole to hear these stories retold by Mrs. Claus and Santa. Santa’s elves find an abandoned toy, Grace. Grace claims that she is a misfit toy that has no real purpose. These feelings of abandonment and hopelessness leave Grace desperate to find her place among the iconic Christmas stories we cherish each holiday season.

The leader of the elves quickly befriends Grace and invites her to join all the elves as they bring these classic tales to life. On her journey to find her purpose, Grace discovers that everyone has a story. While each story is vastly different, they all face opposition and challenges as well as victories and success. It’s when Grace experiences the greatest story of all time told by the Toymaker that she learns her true purpose. This life changing story is the story of Jesus and His magnificent love for Grace. It’s His perfect love that transforms her “misfit” mindset into God given perspective and purpose