Small Groups


February 22 – May 13

Excluding the following dates:
April 2-9 (Easter Break)
All Inspire Nights 



Take a peak inside one of our home groups.

We’re so excited about small groups here at Crossroads Church, because we see them as an opportunity for you to understand the Bible better, develop relationships with your church family, and feel closer to God.  As our church family continues to grow, it is so important that we don’t lose sight of our need for these vital relationships.  Small groups help to fulfill that need.  These groups create friendships that provide us with strength, accountability, and fellowship.

In this brochure, you will find groups based on gender, age, and interests.  We feel like we have assembled a great semester of groups, with something here for everyone.  Find a group that works for you. You’ll be on your way to finding a place where you can belong and grow with friends.

Jeff Ables

Lead Pastor, Crossroads Church


Why should I join a small group?
At Crossroads Church, small groups regularly meet to learn, serve, and enjoy relationships with one another.  The greatest benefit of small groups is that they help people grow in their relationship with God.
Who can join a small group?
Anyone can join a Crossroads Church small group.
Can I join a small group if I am not an official member of Crossroads Church?
You do not have to be an official member of Crossroads Church to join one of our small groups.  Small groups are for everyone, regardless of how long they have attended.
Can I join more than one small group?
Yes, but the people who benefit most are those who commit to one or two groups.
How long does a small group last?
Our small groups’ semester is three months.  Some groups meet every week. Others meet once or twice a month.  We encourage you to choose a group with a schedule that allows you to participate for the entire semester.


Thinking about hosting or leading a small group this semester? It’s easier than you might think!


Download instructions on how to effectively use Fellowship One to manage your small group.