Sermon Series

Somewhere along the way, costumes became synonymous with play acting but that isn’t really what a costume is for. A costume is what one wears to appropriately represent a certain country, time period or culture. With that in mind, we would do well to consider our spiritual costume. How are we dressed? How well do we represent the God we serve?

The Bible specifically tells us some things to take off and some things to put on. However, Jesus also warned us about wolves that often dress in sheep’s clothing. Through this series we will take a look in the mirror of God’s Word and get in costume so we can represent Christ in a way that is appropriate and authentic!


Costumes, Pt.1 – What To Put On, What To Take Off

Costumes, Pt.2 – The Garment of Praise

Costumes, Pt.3 – Zeal

Costumes, Pt.4 – The Armor of a Victor

Costumes, Pt.5 – The Favor Frock