Trust Fund

Sermon Series

Trust Fund

One of the things wealthy families will do is open a trust fund for their children or their children’s children. This ensures that, even though the child has no access to the capitol now, in the future their financial well being should be secure.

We may not be wealthy as far as money goes, but as believers we have great abundance and prosperity with what matters most! These are the securities we need to ensure as our legacy. Trust has such a significant role in doing so!

As those we influence see us trust God and find us trustworthy, they will be more inclined to tap into spiritual riches themselves. Trust becomes a type of currency that we either build or squander. So let’s trust God. Let’s be trustworthy. Let’s start a trust fund today!


Pt.1 – Building Trust

Pt.2 – Trusting God

Pt.3 – Trustees