Weight Loss

Sermon Series

This time of the year, everyone is obsessing over weight loss. We are trying to get rid of the holiday pounds we put on, or the COVID-19 pounds (19, or 20 or 30!) It is wise to lose some weight if we need to for the purpose of physical fitness. But the term ‘weight ’has implications beyond just physical pounds and ounces. In Bible days, commerce depended on weights as a means of measuring what one was buying and selling. False weights were often used as a means of swindling others and God condemned the practice. Today, we ‘weigh in ’when we share our opinion, and that too is something God desires to regulate. We ‘weigh ’our options as we make decisions, but are we really allowing God to lead us in the decision-making process? There are many things that can weigh us down on spiritual terms and that’s why the Bible encourages us to cast off every weight that hinders us from serving God like we should. Through this series we’ll lose weight in a way that will help us become more Godly and more spiritually fit!