Small Groups

What Are Small Groups?

Small Groups, aka Hangouts, create a place for students to connect with friends from The Exchange and peers from their community,  while also providing the intentionality of discipleship. These Hangouts provide a fun atmosphere for students to grow in their relationship with God and each other.

Middle School groups will meet on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm. High School groups will meet on days and times that will vary by season.

Ready to join a Group?

For more information about our weekly Hangouts, including locations and times, contact our Office Administrator at

Junior High Guys

Crossroads Church @ 4:00pm

150 Verona Dr. Lafayette, LA 70507

Daniel Palencia  337-373-1955

Adrien Warner  337-520-9971

Junior High Girls:

Crossroads Church @ 4:00pm

150 Verona Dr. Lafayette, LA 70507

Erin Breaux  337-303-5192

Ambrosia Prince  337-347-0435

High School Girls:

Sarah & Zeke D’Avvy @ 6:00pm

110 Carmen St. Lafayette, LA 70507

Kylie Bruno  337-422-8766

Gracie Petry  337-256-3274

High School Guys:

Stacey & Jason Judice @ 6:00pm

109 Pascalet Place Lafayette, LA 70507

Bradey Levine  337-965-0045

Elijah Evans  337-247-5521

Overflow Host Home:

Sarah & Jared Moore’s @ 6:00pm

3513 W. Gloria Switch Church Point, LA 70525


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